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  1. Lost: Santa Teresa beach Costa Rica April 8 2014. Has surfing, ziplining and waterfall videos on it. Also some older skiing videos on file. Would be attached to a head strap and fell on when hit a couple big waves. Hope its found!! Videos would mean a lot!

  2. Once again lost my go pro in guanacaste Costa Rica surfer from New York have much footage of snowboarding hunter mountain along with skateboarding brazil surfing Puerto Rico and snorkeling alon. With surfing in Costa Rica , I lost the gopro while surfing I was wearing board shorts and my phone number is 516 4040641 I see the gopro has been found and would love to get it back thanks

  3. Hi. My name is Amie and I think I lost my GoPro. I live in Dededo, Guam. It was last seen in Hagatna, Calvos Select Care Bldg. (Car) when I was doing my errands. If anyone can turn it (and the wifi on) my wifi is AMIEZING_ please notify me at Thank You! 🙂

  4. LOST!!! At Micklers beach, FL 6-4-2014
    GoPro Hero 3 Black edition, should have been up by the dunes and has a few videos of me on a yellow skimboard $REWARD$ Call or text me at 904-635-8005

  5. I lost my go pro w/ a head strap at la jolla shores(scripps) on 8/6/14 when another surfer ran into me. The wifi pops up as mavs gopro.

  6. Hello,

    Today me and my mate(jorn brouwer) lost our GoPro at Kuta beach in bali indonesia.

    It is such a bad feeling, we are at our end of our vacation here so we have a lot of photo’s from snorkling and some of China and Hongkong.

    If one of you guys find it, the wifi password is vakantie2014.

    Koen Teeling

  7. Lost go pro in Portland OR. Lots of Hood To Coast footage. I have shaved head and around 5’10”. 175.

  8. I lost my go pro on December 17 In Puerto Rico. I lost it in condado beach With a headstrap. I have pictures of myself to prove im the owner. Please contact me

  9. Hello I live in uk and I lost me go pro 3 camera in the train . I go from Peterborough to Birmingham at the day time and when I was go out of train I just see I don’t have a camera with my . Maybe somebody found plz contact with me .

  10. lost my hero 4 black go pro camera on 06/03/2015 while snorkelling near Luisushi island in Maldives. I was on a one day trip to Clubmed island and they took us from there to Luisushi island for snorkeling. If anyone finds it miraculously please contact me on my details above. Thanks.

  11. I have lost my Gopro today in Florida on 4/7/15 I was at a beach and one of the waves knocked it out of my hand and it fell and now it’s gone, The beach is Daytona beach and Orange County.

  12. Lost GoPro 4 Silver at Kaneohe sandbar in Oahu Hawaii. Dive housing and gopole attached with a floaty. Lady photos of my in a neon yellow tubey out in the water with a captains hat

  13. my daughter lost GoPro 3 white edition on a trip to DC from OKC left it in a hotel room she believes

  14. I Lost my go pro hero 3 silver in sea isle city new jersey while filming my kids in the surf

  15. I lost my GoPro (Black) Hero 4 in Daytona Beach, Florida by Plaza Resort & Spa while I was surfing.

    GoPro C312112

    IC: 10193A – HWPP1
    REG #: HWPP1 CHDHX – 401

    If you found it I would appreciate it if you call me: (770)945-8495 or email me:

  16. I lost my gopro hero 3+ at Huntington Beach California. It had a mount that was sort of curved attached to a flat sticky mount! I lost it 7-11-15

  17. Lost my go pro hero first gen.
    at Atlantis Aquaadventure water park Dubai .
    had about 386 photos
    156 videos
    in waterproof case low charge .
    appreciate if anyone finds it

  18. I lost by GoPro Hero 3 camera on the beach in Coronado, CA on 07/26/15. At the time I was surfing close to the condos in the area. It had a head mount attached to it. The memory card included videos of desert races, fishing, surfing and some random videos. If found I would be so thankful to have it back. Thank you!

  19. Lost!! Gopro hero 4, at waterfalls of kulen mountain, one hour from Siem Reap/Angkor, Cambodia, 21/07/2015

    Pictures of one month and a half of roadtrip in It. It would be amazing to have It back!
    Thanks 😃

  20. LOST: gopro hero 4 at Opal Lake in Pagosa Springs Colorado. Lost it in the small creek that feeds into Opal Lake on 7/30/15.

  21. Lost gopro with head strap. It was lost on the south side of commercial pier in Lauderdale by the Sea, Fl. It was lost approx. 50 yards from the pier. Between the beginning of the 1St reef and the end of the pier. I will give a 150$ reward if found. Thank you
    Name*: Jason Miller

  22. Lost a gopro in Lauderdale by the Sea Florida. On the south side of Commercial pier approximately 50 to 75 yards from the pier. Between the middle and the end. I will give a 200$ reward if found. It has a black head strap attached to it. Please call if found Jason Miller. 9546052092. Thank you.

  23. I sent a go pro camera up into the stratosphere on August 1, 2015. The camera was inside of a black foam box along with a GPS locator that stopped sending back signals. The box will be attached to a blue and red parachute. I last tracked it just south of west Lebanon, Indiana. The parachute was traveling south easterly of S Old State Hwy 63.

  24. I lost my gopro on the 25th of July at the pool party in Las Vegas at Liquid Pool in the Aria Hotel. I lost it inside the pool 😣. You don’t have to give it back but just email me the videos in there! Make a fake email account or something so I could get those memories 😭😰🙏🏼

  25. I lost it at the Aria Liquid Pool Party in Las Vegas on July 25th 2015. It is a Hero3+Black GoPro. I’m not after the GoPro, I’m really just after the photos and videos of my 25th birthday. That’s it 😓😔

  26. On vacation at Crete (Greece),I lost my hero3 black gopro,I forgot it on thecar with the remote control,they felt on the street,probably,and I found only the remote after 2 hours,it must be on street or at the side of the street between the Potamida village and Milia village at Chania.Please contact if found,I only want the photos (500+), whoever finds it I will give it to him as a is the camera only.

  27. Lost my go pro 4 silver around the boat launch at honey rd. I think on Fish River in Fairhope AL this afternoon. I think I left it on the dock when I pulled out on my waverunner.

  28. I recently just lost my Gopro Hero 3 Silver at East beach, Rhode Island. The camera could have drifted to Blue Shutters beach, Charlestown beach, or Mautunuck beach.The last photos and videos taken on the Gopro are abound of wave photos and if you scroll up you can see me jumping into a pool with a blue, red, and orange bathing suit. The Gopro was attached to a sandmarc pole with a orange floaty on the back of the Gopro. If you have any info please contact me imminently. Thank you!

  29. Please help.. I have accidentally left my GoPro Hero3+ silver with the stick @Reids Lookout Grampians, Victoria Australia
    Went back after 20 minutes later and its gone. Lots of unforgettable families and besties pictures there (recently Malaysia Legoland and Grampians).. Greatly appreciated if you can return it to me and i will return the costs to send it back to me…Thank you in advance

  30. Lost!! Please help.. I have accidentally left my GoPro Hero3+ silver with the stick @Reids Lookout Grampians, Victoria Australia on 19 September 2015
    Went back after 20 minutes later and its gone. Lots of unforgettable families and besties pictures there (recently Malaysia Legoland and Grampians).. Greatly appreciated if you can return it to me and i will return the costs to send it back to me…Thank you in advance

  31. LOST GoPro Hero 4 Silver on river in Lanquin, Guatemala. In waterproof housing, attached to black head mount and also to blue wrist strap.

  32. Hi. Massive long shot, but my gopro came off its attachment last night (30-09-2015) surfing at Croyde, North Devon, UK. The current was dragging everything towards the rocks on the oyster falls side. I looked there this morning before work but no joy however it was still pretty dark. If anyone comes across it could you please get in touch. Thanks!

  33. I lost my GoPro hero 4 on Deerfield golf course in Myrtle beach, SC on 10/10/15. It’s mounted to a head strap and contains only fishing videos. Please call me if you find it or have found it 8439065852 or email

  34. I lost my go pro Hero 3 + black third week in June wile scuba diving in Cozumel. I was staying at Iberostar and and lost it on the first dive. Most of the pics document my daughters first dive and mean the world to me. Most pice are of our dive group, schedule and pics of her before, during and near the end of our dive before it slid if my wrist. The camera had a lime green go pole and a Red Polar Pro Lens. Daughter is in a one piece 1 ml suit black with yellow and purple marking on sleeves and legs and yellow Cressi sub mask. Keep the camera would just love to have my San Disk memory card with pics of her back. No questions asked! My daughter means the world to me and I would love to have our pics back. If you think you might have found it I will be glad to provide further documentation. Thank you!!

  35. My Daughters and I were surfing at Middleton Beach, South Australia on 9 December 2015 when we lost our GoPro. If found, please contact me ASAP. We appreciate it.

  36. We lost our GorPro Hero 4 Silver Edition on Monday 11th of January, 2016 on an island called Koh Yai Noi in Thailand. We have videos of our time spent at a dog shelter in Thailand. We believe it was taken from our bag, however, we can’t be 100% sure we didn’t drop it or leave it somewhere. May have been left on Pasai beach front. We would appreciate any information anyone has. Thank you. 😊

  37. Lost GoPro Gilligan’s island -Puerto Rico. Lost a GoPro with a 3-way collapsable selfie-stick yesterday. It has videos of the waterfalls, snorkeling, and eating lunch on the boogie boards. There will be a reward for someone who can return it.

    Thank you!

  38. I lost my go pro in Cocoa beach Florida while surfing it was attached to a go pro head strap. Lost 3-23-16

  39. Name*: Ian Anderson


    Phone: 7187448212


    Topic of message*: I lost a GoPro Camera!

    Comment: I lost my go pro hero plus in steamboat, Colorado. I was in the trees between the sunshine liftline and tomahawk trails when I think it fell off. It couldnt have been more than 50 yards downhill from the sunshine lift. It was attached to a black elastic helmet strap.
    On the memory card the most recent video is of the Steamboat gondola line at the base. There would also be recent video clips of my friend tim snowboarding with a gray burton jacket on. The camera may have picked up me saying his name. (Or “boo” for my gf or “e” for elaina.) There are also videos of me and friends snowboarding in killington, vermont and mountain creek, new Jersey. There would definatly be some clips of sips of fireball on the mountain. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced

  40. My girlfriend and I were visiting Washington and we dropped our GoPro Hero 4 Black attached to an extension stick at the 2nd launching pad from the right facing Samamish Lake on 3/25/16. It includes footage of us at Snoqualmie Falls, Alpental, Talapus Lake hiking through the mountain and snow, and finally the Samamish Lake during sunset. If found please let us know. Thank you.

  41. I lost my Gopro with headstrap back in October 29, 2014 while riding a banana boat in DePalm beach island, Oranjestad Aruba

  42. Lost my GoPro Hero 3 in the water outside Sebastian, Florida on Sunday April 10, 2016 around 3pm. It’s attached to a headstrap, has about 15 videos from our surf trip and beach/pool videos… If you find it, please let me know! Thank you in advance

  43. Lost my GoPro Hero 3 in the water outside Sebastian, Florida on Sunday April 10 2016 around 3pm. It’s attached to a headstrap, has about 15 videos from our surf trip and beach/pool videos… If you find it, please let me know!

    Thank you in advance

  44. I lost my gopro off Injidup Beach, WA, Australia. It was attached to a hand made body surfing board (about the size of a hand). Unfortunately the wrist strap broke, therefore losing the gopro and hand board. The hand strap along the board is Billabong. The model was a Gopro Hero 3+. please text me on 0421 125 426. Thanks

  45. LOST GoPro Hero 4 Session in Beijing Airport the 12th April 2016
    It contains clips of Thailand and Thai Boxing clips. I may have lost it during the security check!

  46. Lost my GoPro hero 4 black at Philadelphia international airport on 6/4/16. Footage has me jet skiing, snorkeling in the Bahamas.. I will give the person who has the camera the retail price and a good samaritan reward for returning it. The catch is I must receive the sd card first to verify that it’s mine. Thank you and do the right thing!

  47. I really nees this go pro hero 4 silver. Its a gift from my dad and i would really appreciate if i could get a new

  48. Daughter lost GoPro 4, DL Bliss, Lake Tahoe beach parking lot July 7, 2016. We returned to the area as so as we realized. The nice person who found it asking around for the owner! We appreciate you looking. We looked for you too 🙂

    It would mean the world to her to get it retuned. Thank you.

  49. Bobby-Veronica Hobbs
    Today at 1:09pm
    Lost my GoPro + at the Kieth Lake boat ramp near Port Authur TX. after loading my kayak On 7/18/16. It’s in a waterproof case mounted on a head band harness. Either I laid it in a boat of a guy I talked with for a while who had also just loaded his boat or i drove away with it on my tailgate. I’m leaning toward that I mindlessly laid it in his boat while we leaned against it talking but I can’t remember his name. The only thing I can remember is that he lives in Orange,TX. I realized the GoPro was missing less than a mile from ramp and drove back slowly but no luck. Please contact me if it turns up.

  50. Lost Go Pro Hero 4 Silver in Burney falls lake on July 26,2016. My daughter filmed her whole Burney falls camping trip water falls etc., and while out in the lake. Her go pro hero 4 silver came off it’s connection somehow and fell in the lake. We’re hoping it washes up. I believe it’s Shasta county but not too sure. She is very sad about it and hopefully it washes up and she can reunite with hers one day!

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